Green Alternatives to Notebooks

Green Alternatives to Notebooks Did you know that the global production of paper and cardboard stood at somewhat 410.7 million metric tons in 2015? The United Kingdom alone sold approximately 38.8 million British pounds worth of paper notebooks, letters and memorandum pads. The amount of paper used is insane, isn’t it? Luckily, the world is changing and another option that is becoming more popular are green alternatives to notebooks. When it comes to taking notes, there are many alternatives to a regular, paper notebook. Read More

Green Alternatives to Paper Towels

Green Alternatives to Paper Towels Have you thought about every time you use a paper towel and dispose of it? Now imagine how many people do the same thing, every day… Paper towel is on the top of the list of paper products we use. Being second in tissue consumption only to toilet paper. Luckily, we are getting smarter and thinking of green alternatives to paper towels as well. While many types of papers can be recycled, paper towel is not one of Read More

Green Alternatives to Disposable Paper Bags

Green Alternatives to Disposable Paper Bags Thinking of green alternatives to disposable paper bags when going to your grocery store is easy – just remember to bring a reusable tote bag. Besides being more environmentally friendly, it is easier and safer to carry. It looks way cooler too.  Paper bags are viewed as a more sustainable alternative to plastic bags, and they are. Still, they demand resources in order to be produced (trees), resources to be recycled, which includes mechanical and Read More

Green Alternatives to Disposable Coffee Cups

Green Alternatives to Disposable Coffee Cups Green alternatives to disposable coffee cups can be a bit more challenging. These days, the takeaway coffee in a paper cup is one of the symbols of the active urban lifestyle. UK population alone uses 7 million of coffee cups every day! Even though these paper coffee cups look very much disposable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, many and most of them still contains plastics that do not break down, styrofoam that can not be Read More

Green Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Reusable Bags Plastic bags have become a symbol of pollution. Most of them are made to be used a short time – on average, each carrier bag is used for only 12 minutes before being discarded. Before learning more about green alternatives to plastic bags, here are some facts: They are very mobile, “escaping” from dumpsters and disposal sites and carried by wind to great distances. Like other plastic items, bags take extremely long time to degrade. Plastic bags are Read More

Green Alternatives to Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Toilet paper is surely on the top of the list of paper products we use every day. Options of green alternatives to toilet paper could easily be brought by printed newspaper, books or perhaps socks instead?  However, we can’t seem to imagine keeping the adequate hygiene levels without disposable paper. And so we use a lot of it. A less drastic and more acceptable solution is to use recycled toilet paper. Of course, recycled toilet paper is not Read More

Green Alternatives to Books

Green Alternatives to Books Printing and Printed Media Did you know that each year the US book industry uses 30 million trees? While the newspaper industry consumes the astonishing 95 million trees? If we want to reduce the impact on forests and trees, we need to consider green alternatives to books immediately.  If the print industry used around 30 percent post consumer waste, 4.9 million trees would be spared. Companies can also prevent 2,108 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions by replacing Read More

Green Alternatives to Flying

Green Alternatives to Flying Cheap intercontinental flights are on the rise, but that’s a disaster for our environment since that much long distance flying has a huge environmental footprint. While flying is sometimes unavoidable, a lot of flying takes place not out of need, but out of pleasure. Sometimes, you not only need green alternatives to flying to contribute with the environment, but also to your soul. If you decide to spend your vacation closer to home, for example, not Read More

Green Alternatives to Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers While lawn mowers have small tanks, they are big polluters for their size. EPA estimated that gas-powered lawn mowers produce 11 times more pollution when compared to a new car. Now consider that an average American home does the mowing 22 times a year on average. That’s 242 times the pollution a new car produces on a year! It’s time to find what are the green alternatives to lawn mowers. Push lawn mowers are here to stay. They only Read More

Green Alternatives to Driving

Green Alternatives to Driving The first thing to consider is if you really need to use your car as much as you do. Perhaps there is no need to drive a car to cover some relatively short distances. For the shortest distances, the best option is to use your own legs, as walking offers numerous health benefits. However, most of the times your road will be longer than a walking distance, and that’s where bikes come in. Bicycles Bicycle is Read More