Green Alternatives to Books

Printing and Printed Media

Did you know that each year the US book industry uses 30 million trees? While the newspaper industry consumes the astonishing 95 million trees? If we want to reduce the impact on forests and trees, we need to consider green alternatives to books immediately. 

If the print industry used around 30 percent post consumer waste, 4.9 million trees would be spared. Companies can also prevent 2,108 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions by replacing one ton of virgin fiber with post consumer recycled fiber. These small pivots might not be a complete solution, but they’re an important start.

Fortunately, there are many devices and patents to help us with that.

Obviously, you can use your smartphone or your tablet for reading news, magazines, and books. As for avid readers, there is one more useful gadget. Kindle has become the most famous device for consuming e-books instead of printed ones. What is so special about Kindle is that it utilizes specific E-Paper technology to make reading comfortable and easy on the eye.

While good on the eyes, there’s more to tell about Kindles. They are small enough to carry almost everywhere, light in weight and prevents you from the distractive notifications from your smartphone.

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