Green Alternatives to Disposable Coffee Cups

Green alternatives to disposable coffee cups can be a bit more challenging. These days, the takeaway coffee in a paper cup is one of the symbols of the active urban lifestyle. UK population alone uses 7 million of coffee cups every day!

Even though these paper coffee cups look very much disposable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, many and most of them still contains plastics that do not break down, styrofoam that can not be recycled, some not-so-quite-paper-made and all ending up into landfill – damaging the environment.

We are a big fan of coffee and sometimes take away is the only option in our busy life. But why not bring your own coffee cup? There are some sleek reusable options out there such as KeepCup, designed especially with coffee in mind, and still easy enough to carry in a bag.
Some cool cafes even gives you a discount for being literally eco friendly with your reusable coffee cup. Everyone wins! 

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