Green Alternatives to Disposable Paper Bags

Thinking of green alternatives to disposable paper bags when going to your grocery store is easy – just remember to bring a reusable tote bag. Besides being more environmentally friendly, it is easier and safer to carry. It looks way cooler too. 

Paper bags are viewed as a more sustainable alternative to plastic bags, and they are. Still, they demand resources in order to be produced (trees), resources to be recycled, which includes mechanical and chemical materials, an enormous amount of energy and valuable natural resources, such as water. Not to mention that the paper industry itself, generates more than 12 million tons of solid waste a year. And if at the end of it’s lifespan these paper bags still end up in landfill, it actually occupy a huge amount of physical space.

If you’re already using paper bags as oppose to plastic bags that’s a great step. But opting out from disposable paper bags by bringing your own reusable tote bags will get you to the next level of sustainable living. 

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