Even the most green-minded people will come into a situation when they’ll have to use disposable plates and cutlery. Whether it’s for a reunion at your place that you don’t have enough serveware, a child’s birthday party or any other type of celebration. Fortunately, there are green alternatives to disposable tableware that are more sustainable and healthier options than using plastic or paper-plastic ones.

For all occasions when you have to “go disposable”, you can get plates and cutlery made out of light wood or bamboo. Besides reducing waste, bamboo is lightweight, yet, it holds up better than paper tableware. Although being disposable and biodegradable, bamboo dishes can be gently washed and reused instead of thrown away.

Bamboo dishes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they also look quite elegant to serve food in and the chances are that eating out of these dishes is better for your body than eating out of plastic. They are also a lot more affordable the glass or china tableware – reducing any kind of accidents that could happen. 

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