Green Alternatives to Driving

The first thing to consider is if you really need to use your car as much as you do. Perhaps there is no need to drive a car to cover some relatively short distances.

For the shortest distances, the best option is to use your own legs, as walking offers numerous health benefits. However, most of the times your road will be longer than a walking distance, and that’s where bikes come in.


Bicycle is the most efficient way to get around without gas. Depending on your skills and stamina, they can be surprisingly fast. The many advantages cycling offers resulted in its drastic rise in recent years. In Copenhagen, the number of cyclers surpassed the number of car drivers. As for the U.S. estimations are that if a dramatic increase in cycling for transportation occurs between 2015 and 2050, we could save 24 trillion dollars and cut CO2 emissions from urban transportation by as much as 11 percent.

Electric bicycle is a step forward and makes bike commuting easier and available to everybody, even to those who are not as fit as experienced cyclers. You can turn on your electric bikes’ motor when you lose your strength, which means you’ll be able to cover greater distances by using it.


It may seem funny until you see it for yourself, but scooters are a great way to get around in urban areas. They are stable, light, easy to control, and they are fast. Getting around in crowded streets on a working day is a breeze for experienced riders. Green alternatives to driving, like this one, is becoming more popular every year.

As with bikes, electric scooters are a step up from regular scooters and are ideal for commuting. Because your leg can take a break from pushing, you can cover greater distances with your scooter. Most of the makes runs 30 to 40 miles in one battery run. 

For those of you that feel more adventurous, electric skateboards are also an option. 

Of course the timeless push bikes are still one of the most popular green alternatives of transportation in the world. And on the top of your commute been green you get to exercise and burn a bunch of calories.

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