Green Alternatives to Flying

Cheap intercontinental flights are on the rise, but that’s a disaster for our environment since that much long distance flying has a huge environmental footprint. While flying is sometimes unavoidable, a lot of flying takes place not out of need, but out of pleasure. Sometimes, you not only need green alternatives to flying to contribute with the environment, but also to your soul.

If you decide to spend your vacation closer to home, for example, not only you’ll save money and be safer from disease and terrorism, but you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint significantly, plus boosting the local economy.

Road Trips

There were times that I decided to travel by car rather than by plane. It’s a way to enjoy not only your destination, but also the journey. And as much cliche that sounds, it’s true and I love it. The journey on a road trip can be quite unknown – you discover local places to eat, meet different people along the way and might find that secret little spot in the nature.


Campervan is a great way to travel. It’s adventurous, cheaper than staying in hotels and convenient. There’s no better feeling than traveling with all you need inside your “car”.

It’s a better option for camping if you have more than one destination, so you don’t have to come to the same place every night or have to assemble your “house” often.

Camping and Hiking

But if you’re going to stay in one location for a few nights, camping can be quite the greener option. These days, camping tents can be unexpectedly comfortable in sizes and equipment. I find very nurturing hiking through the mountains, sleeping in the middle of the bush and being surrounded by sounds of nature.

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