Lawn Mowers

While lawn mowers have small tanks, they are big polluters for their size. EPA estimated that gas-powered lawn mowers produce 11 times more pollution when compared to a new car. Now consider that an average American home does the mowing 22 times a year on average. That’s 242 times the pollution a new car produces on a year! It’s time to find what are the green alternatives to lawn mowers.

Push lawn mowers are here to stay. They only use kinetic energy to operate – and that is the energy of your own body. Not to mention that it’s a better option for your grass health as well. Push lawn mowers cut the grass by snipping it cleanly, which leaves it less vulnerable to disease and insect attacks and heals faster than having them chopped and torn apart from a power rotary lawn mower.

By using a push lawn mower, your mowing chore will be more sustainable, less smelly, while still producing great results – push lawn mowers are as adjustable as gas-powered ones. As a bonus, using push mowers is a form of exercise which can help you burn a substantial amount of calories.


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