Green Alternatives to Disposable Razors

Green Alternatives to Disposable Razors In the U.S. alone, 2 billion disposable razor blades are dumped every year. They are not recycled, since disassembling them would be dangerous an unprofitable, so they make a significant contribution to our landfills’ volumes. What could we possibly use as green alternatives to disposable razors?   Safety Razors The safety razor was first patented in 1880 and quickly became the tool that all men shaved with. Some 50 years later the electric razor was Read More

Green Alternatives to Plastic Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes are made mostly out of plastic, nylon, and some rubber. Every year, 850 million of them end up in U.S. landfills. It gets even worse: toothbrushes have been found in stomachs of albatross, who often die from swallowing too much plastic from the open sea. We have got to stop consuming plastic in all forms once and for all. What are the green alternatives to plastic toothbrushes? Using an electric toothbrush with changeable head reduces the amount of Read More

Green Alternatives to Disposable Tableware

Even the most green-minded people will come into a situation when they’ll have to use disposable plates and cutlery. Whether it’s for a reunion at your place that you don’t have enough serveware, a child’s birthday party or any other type of celebration. Fortunately, there are green alternatives to disposable tableware that are more sustainable and healthier options than using plastic or paper-plastic ones. For all occasions when you have to “go disposable”, you can get plates and cutlery made out Read More

Green Alternatives to Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the objects we should collectively feel most guilty about. It seems unimaginable, but a whole million of plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, and the number is predicted to increase by 20% by 2021. These figures outdo all our recycling efforts. Green alternatives to plastic bottles are here to stay. And it’s not just that they pollute our environment, but they put our health at risk as well. It gets even worse Read More

Green Alternatives to Take Out Containers

Green Alternatives to Take Out Containers Food packaging is a significant source of plastic waste, especially take out containers given away by restaurants and zip lock bags. But there are many green alternatives to take out containers we can think of. When you can’t bring food from home or eat all your food at the restaurant, have you thought about bringing your own reusable containers from home? Give it a try. Next time you buy take out food always favor Read More

Green Alternatives to Ziploc Bags

Another significant source of plastic waste is food packaging, especially the single-use kind we are so used to: Ziploc bags. There are in fact, many green alternatives to Ziploc bags these days.   We already discussed the whole bring-your-own-container-action when you can’t eat all your food at the restaurant, or when ordering take away food. But when it comes to Ziploc bags, what do you do? There are actually quite few different options of washable ones that are easy to Read More

Green Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Green Alternatives to Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels – namely oil and coal – have been our primary source of energy for mere 300 years. Yet they made an incredible influence on our lives and planet. Oil and coal provide us with energy and power our machines and cars, but they have also made our climate run wild and polluted our environment. Let’s have a look at the reasons we need to think of green alternatives to fossil fuels. Why Avoid Read More

Green Alternatives to Plastic

Green Alternatives to Plastic Avoiding Plastic Plastic has been our society’s blessing and a great curse. The notion of disposable, single-use plastic products made it the most readily discarded type of material in the world. We produce almost 300 million tons of plastic yearly and half of it is the single use type. We really need to think of green alternatives to plastic now. Just think about it: plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic bottles, plastic straws, all intended to be Read More

Green Alternatives to Food Waste

Green Alternatives to Food Waste We have all learned in school at some point about the natural cycle food goes through, growing from the soil, then decomposing and turning back into nutrient for the soil, which helps to grow more food and so on. As adults, however, we tend to think of the food cycle more like going to the supermarket and throwing the waste out, which magically disappears some day of the week. Making compost is one of the Read More