Green Alternatives to Paper Towels

Have you thought about every time you use a paper towel and dispose of it? Now imagine how many people do the same thing, every day… Paper towel is on the top of the list of paper products we use. Being second in tissue consumption only to toilet paper. Luckily, we are getting smarter and thinking of green alternatives to paper towels as well.

While many types of papers can be recycled, paper towel is not one of them. First of all because we use them to clean up moist, messes around our homes and bacon greases. But also due to the fibers used on their making, which are non-recyclable. There’s no way back, they will go directly to landfill. 🙁

It’s easy to replace paper in the kitchen and other places in your home. Soft and super-absorbing cotton cloths, old t-shirts and sponges are just a few options out there. Why not get inventive and stop using paper altogether?

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