Reusable Bags

Plastic bags have become a symbol of pollution. Most of them are made to be used a short time – on average, each carrier bag is used for only 12 minutes before being discarded. Before learning more about green alternatives to plastic bags, here are some facts:

  • They are very mobile, “escaping” from dumpsters and disposal sites and carried by wind to great distances.
  • Like other plastic items, bags take extremely long time to degrade.
  • Plastic bags are hardly and rarely recyclable.
  • We use 5 trillion plastic bags per year – 160,000 every single second!

Luckily, the plastic bag may be the easiest item on the list to get rid of. Green alternatives to plastic bags come in many forms. Some of them, such as this Trolley Bag, have been specially designed for supermarkets. They can take in a lot of groceries and are designed to fit a shopping cart. In short – far superior to a plastic bag.

Have you thought about how many of those clear plastic produce bags you usually take on one single visit to the grocery store? You can easily avoid them with your own reusable produce bags made of cotton mesh.

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