Manual toothbrushes are made mostly out of plastic, nylon, and some rubber. Every year, 850 million of them end up in U.S. landfills. It gets even worse: toothbrushes have been found in stomachs of albatross, who often die from swallowing too much plastic from the open sea. We have got to stop consuming plastic in all forms once and for all. What are the green alternatives to plastic toothbrushes?

Using an electric toothbrush with changeable head reduces the amount of plastic waste, as the piece replaceable is much smaller than a manual plastic toothbrush. But you’re still using batteries and/or energy to run your electric toothbrush.

A even greener option is the bamboo toothbrush. Why should we use a bamboo toothbrush? Well, bamboo is a natural plant based material which is biodegradable and can even be composted. Bamboo also grows super quick and is a more sustainable material. These bamboo toothbrushes also look super cool. Although it keeps the nylon bristles, swapping a plastic handle for the one made out of bamboo makes for a significant reduction in the toothbrushes’ footprint.


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