Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is surely on the top of the list of paper products we use every day. Options of green alternatives to toilet paper could easily be brought by printed newspaper, books or perhaps socks instead?  However, we can’t seem to imagine keeping the adequate hygiene levels without disposable paper. And so we use a lot of it.

A less drastic and more acceptable solution is to use recycled toilet paper. Of course, recycled toilet paper is not made of second-hand toilet paper, but of other kinds of paper product that have been rendered them hygienic and safe to use.

An even “greener” option if you would like to reduce using toilet paper in an enormous amount, would be considering to install a bidet  or a water shower in your bathroom. That switch could easily save some 15 million trees, 4 billion water gallons and almost 300,000 tons of chlorine for bleaching used to produce toilet paper. Not taking into account the amount of energy used in all that, the energy and materials used in packaging and transportation to retail outlets.


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